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For Defendants

If you are a Defendant in a lawsuit where the Firm represents the Plaintiff, this page is designed for you. We appreciate you visiting this page and we want to work with you to resolve the suit against you as quickly as possible. The Firm has a policy of treating Defendants with the same respect and courtesy we extend our clients and we invite you to contact us to avoid any additional attorneys' fees, costs or interest being added to the debt you owe.

This page is designed to make it easy for you to:

Making a Payment Proposal

With limited exceptions, the Firm's clients will entertain lump sum payment offers or affordable monthly payment arrangements to resolve lawsuits where money damages are being sought. If you are a Defendant in a case, you may make a lump sum or monthly payment proposal online HERE.

What is Post-Judgment Discovery?

In many cases, the Firm sends what is known as "Post-Judgment Discovery" to Defendants after a Final Judgment is entered. Post-Judgment Discovery includes what are known as "Interrogatories" and "Requests for Production of Documents." "Interrogatories" is a legal term that simply means "questions" and judgment Defendants are required to provide answers to these questions under oath. This means that your written answers and your signature on the answers must be notarized. Requests for Production of Documents require you to produce the documents listed on the request.

If you fail to completely answer Post Judgment Discovery (or receive our permission not to answer), you may be held in contempt of court and arrested on that charge. We strive to avoid ever going to that extreme and encourage you to answer ALL questions and requests posed to you truthfully and completely. If a particular question does not apply to you or your situation, you should answer the question as "N/A", "not applicable", or "none".

Even if the Firm already has a Final Judgment against you, and you have received Post Judgment Discovery from the Firm, you may make a payment proposal to the Firm HERE. However, if you make a payment proposal, you must still answer the discovery by the deadline stated in the papers you have received, or another deadline we mutually agree upon.

Download and Print Post-Judgment Discovery

If you received Post-Judgment Discovery and have misplaced it, please click HERE to download and print a copy of the Interrogatories and the Request for Production of Documents. You may scan and email your responses HERE, return them by fax to (850) 224-1254, or send them by U.S. Mail to our address below.

Again, thank you for visiting our site. We look forward to working with you to resolve matters promptly.

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